The Pride Pack Process – How It Works

1. Choose Your Gear

The apparel you select will be the framework for your Pride Pack sale. You can choose anything from custom printed T’s, sweatshirts, team uniforms, accessories, pullovers and bags, to our higher end apparel, embroidered golf shirts, and jackets. Add in beanies, duffle bags, blankets, socks, you name it, we can customize it with your logo! Let us know if you don’t see what you’re looking for – we can accommodate practically anything else you can imagine.

Not sure where to start? View Pre Built Pride Packs >

2. Determine Your Design

Tweak one of our t-shirt design templates or just send/describe the design idea that you have in mind and let our artists do their thing. They are really good at what they do! You will be working one-on-one with our in-house art department to finalize your design and create a look and feel for your custom apparel that is just right for you. 

3. Start Your Sale

We create a pdf order form for your sale. This can be done a couple of ways, printing or emailing forms and collecting them by hand or online ordering where the orders come directly to us. Individuals can order as little or as much as they want from your selection of items you want included in the sale. We do not charge to get your team or group’s sale set up.

4. Send To Print

The order is closed at a set date. If ordering online, we close the store. If you are collecting order forms, return forms and payment to us for counting and totaling. We then process your orders and send to production where the transformation to custom items happens.

5. Delivery & Distribution

Completed orders are delivered individually sorted and bagged, making it easy for you to distribute! We can even have the orders sorted by team or class. You have no investment up front, you receive exactly what you order, and you are left with no extra inventory afterwards.