Pride Pack Request Form

Fill out the form below to request your Pride Pack. When we get your request, we will be in touch with you to confirm specifics and finalize the artwork for your order. The more detailed information you provide, the quicker and better we can assist you in creating custom items that your school or team loves. If you just want to send us a message, you can do that over here.
  • Tell us about yourself and your organization

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  • Be as specific as possible so we can best assist you (brand, item numbers, style, colors, other specifics). If you do not have a brand preference, just let us know the type of item you would like and our product specialists will recommend a specific item for you.
  • If you have selected a design template, enter the design ID here, along with the text you are customizing it with. If you have an idea, enter notes for our artists. This can include colors to use, text to customize, style (collegiate, kid friendly, girly, edgy, cool, etc).
  • This is not required. We do offer free artwork services.